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Istituto Superiore di Fulminologia, I.S.F., "Mario De Bernardi”, International Institute Studies and Methodologies of Vanguard, Varese-Italy was officially born in 1978, named after its founder scientist Mario De Bernardi, sharp scientific researcher creator of the Antimpatto® methodology that has totally revolutionized the way of conceiving the lightning protector.
The lightning protector, as the same term indicates, must shield or preventively protect from the violence of lightnings, is in opposition to those means improperly called lightning protectors which in reality are lightning attracting means from which derives the correct term, devised by Mario De Bernardi and codified by I.S.F., "lightning attractor", today of common usage.

With the creation of the I.S.F., a Science and a new Discipline as well, has been codified at   Varese, as "Fulminologia" a faculty presently post university, which has its roots way back to 1947, starting from the first fundamental discoveries of  Prof. Ing.(*) Mario De Bernardi.

Fulminologo (Fulminologist) is therefore he who is learned in Fulminologia.

(*) Ingenieur der Elektronik (Electronic Engineer)
Laboringenieur für Vorentwiklung (Labor Engineer - Researcher - for studies of principles).
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